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Iteration 1 was premiered on 28. March 2023 in

the Sound Dome at the House of Music Hungary 

Iteration 2 was premiered on 18-25. May 2023 at the Syndicate for Sound and Space in Budapest

Iteration 2.5 was premiered on 7. July 2023 at

Cashmere Radio, in Berlin. You could call and take part through this link 

Iteration 2.7 was premiered for the "Hyper-Real-Hackathon" in the Planetarium in Bochum on August 19. August

Iteration 2.8 was shown at ZWITSCHERMASCHINE on 10.-12. November 2023. 

Iteration 3.0 was to be premiered in the Planetarium Berlin  on 4. December 2023.



You are able to perform Iteration 1 every Wednesday

at the House of music Hungary during the Installation Wednesday period from the beginning of June until

the end of 2023. Experience you there!


Iteration 3.1 will be premiered on 3. Februrary in the Vilem Flusser archive for CTM.

Iteration 3.2 will be premiered at Arkaoda Berlin on 14. of February. 

Iteration 3.3 will be premiered in mid 2024 at the JMES Club inside the Factory Berlin.


Experience you there!

You can also perform at home trough downloading the application:

Continue to:

(In the making)

(In the making)

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