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​The research began in summer of 2022 with the artist statement:


“Art is not about the entity created by artists but first the reactive process of each individual who can perceive the artwork and finally the combined processes of each of these observers.” Ruben Bass

Or elaborately: 

“Art is about the collective added metaphysical value to an entity by its beholders. The processes had by and with the entity inside the beholders are at some point greater than what the artists could ever initially imagine; as the collective thoughts, reactions, associations, felt emotions, and memories re- experienced, at some point become greater in amount and in each of the criteria’s factors than the creation process of the entity and the entity
itself.” Ruben Bass


As a piece of art is observed by many individuals, the value and reason why it would be art become far greater than any “genius-individual” could ever imagine, as the collective experience will always be more significant in volume and factors than the individual one. 

If the personally added metaphysical value is seen as the main factor and core difference between art to other fields, it becomes of utmost strategical relevance. To create metaphysical value, as many personal subjective processes as possible must be enabled. Therefore, the main objective becomes to create as much openness for personal experience as possible. 

It could be argued that the most relevant factor of art is the process of the beholders / “Betrachter” rather than the product of the artist. With this perspective on art, a need for a different form can be derived. A form that enables the beholders to take an immediate part in the very core process and thus the identity of art itself and make this process more accessible. A moment where you are in dialogues with the processes itself and able to impact/change what you experience. 



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