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RADIO - FM 88.4 MHz in Berlin










Performance Publicas are a form of performance which are about the collective process. The conviction is that the collective subjective processes of beholders added together become more relevant than the artwork itself. This means that the audience have to become the performers. Radio has always been a medium of hierarchies. This version of PP gives you as listeners the chance to tune in and contribute through making any sound you deem relevant to share.


Technically speaking you are co-creating with a dynamic interactive feedback system which uses visual information of what is moving in the radio studio to cue sounds that you as the performers create. When nobody from outside the studio calls, the sounds of the studio are recorded and played by the system, if you call though, you get immediate priority. In this way the infrastructure of the radio station still mediates but at the same time co-creation of the receivers with the senders can be utilized.


Don’t be shy call now (for the chance of prizes and fun)... 


+49 151 19475093 


When your call is answered you are performing immediately, when making any sound.

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